About Us

The name 'la vie après l'amour' means 'life after love' in French. Each piece of clothing has been given a new life after being loved. The heart behind our company is to divert clothing and textiles from landfill and create a collection using a cyclical production cycle. The Fashion Industry is the 2nd leading polluter in the world - using natural resources to grow and produce fabrics, energy and water to create the garment, and transportation and packaging to get the product to the final store. After all of that, 84% of clothing will end up in a landfill. We don't think clothing are trash and want to re-think how we fill our closets (and Earth). Thrifting is the most sustainable way to shop but not everyone has time to dig through racks at thrift stores. Fortunately for you, we love it! For each collection we source and upcycle, or reimagine each piece from second hand clothing, using, to the best of our ability, only recycled materials. (We must admit recycled thread is hard to come by but we are always looking for more ways to use less waste!) We also take clothing donations, so please feel to contact us if you would like to send some old clothes our way. 

Meet the Founder & CEO Kaitlyn Murray. Originating from a small town in the Hudson Valley, she moved to New York City to pursue her career in Fashion studying Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology. For 8 years she worked as a merchandiser for a luxury fashion brand. Always having an attitude of 'why pay for something when I can do it myself', Kaitlyn would find ways to keep up with current trends by cutting a pair of denim or tying a men's shirt as a skirt. Thus Après was born. Having studied in Paris and traveling there for work over the years, the brand has been inspired by the effortless chic style that all Parisians seem to have. Relocated back home to the Hudson Valley, she feels that now more than ever we need to think twice about how we are consuming and be a part of the solution.