What is a clothing swap?!

You may have seen recently that we've been hosting clothing swaps and you are wondering 'what is a clothing swap and how does it work?!'

 A clothing swap is an event in which participants bring clothing, accessories, and/or shoes that they no longer wear and they can swap them for items that someone else brought. Clothing swaps are eco-friendly ways to declutter your closet and refresh your wardrobe. As a brand we believe that we don't need to be producing any new garments, and that linear design no longer has a place in our world. Clothing swaps allow us to breathe new life into clothes, divert clothing and textiles from landfills and move towards circular consumption. The most sustainable piece of clothing is already in your closet, or your neighbors! 

During a swap, participants bring their clothes to the swap venue to be sorted and organized by volunteers. After a short waiting period, 'shopping' begins and participants can fill their bags with items they love. If you don’t have clothes to donate, you are still welcome to come shop. Our swaps have a small ticket fee to pay for the venue, alcohol, drinks, food, etc. We are always looking for volunteers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested. Volunteers get a free ticket and first dibs on the clothing.

How it works:

  1. You see the event is coming and sign up to secure your spot!!
  2. You clean out your closet and put unwanted (clean) clothes in bags. 
  3. You bring your bags the day of the event during arrival hours. (example: drop off between 2-3pm, the earlier the better!)
  4. You can either stay at the venue, have a drink & some food we provide, or leave and come back. 
  5. We (the organizers + volunteers) sort your clothes, we hang them on racks, put them in bins by category, & set up the area like a small shop. 
  6. The ‘shopping’ begins at a specified time (example: swapping starts at 3:30pm) and goes until the end of the event! 
  7. You leave with your bag filled with pre-loved clothing about to have another chance at life in your closet, and a happy conscience that your clothes will not go on to live in a landfill. :')


Can I still participate if I don’t have any clothes/shoes/accessories to donate? 

YES ! If you love and wear everything you have, you may still purchase a ticket and participate in the swap. We just ask that you bring your own bag.


What am I volunteering for?

Volunteers are needed to help sort & hang all the clothing. We need volunteers to set up the space before the event, to help unpack and hang the clothes as they come in during the event, as well as people to help pack down and put away all the leftover clothes. 


What do I get for volunteering?

You receive a comped entry ticket as well as first dibs on the clothes as you help sort and prep the swap area. (You may also get your own to-go container of my homemade chocolate chip cookies that I've been told are life changing. ;) ) 


How many items am I allowed to take home with me?

As many as you want!!!! So long as you will wear and love the items and they will not be thrown away.


Can I take multiple items even if I bring just 1 or 2 things?



Do I pay for the clothing I take?

No! The entry free is the only thing you need to purchase.


What happens to all the leftover clothes?

We (après) take some to incorporate into our collections, and we donate the rest to local thrift stores in the Hudson Valley. (For example we have previously donated to Thrift2Fight, The Red Hook Thrift Shop, and the Red Hook Community Center Free Clothes Store.)

What does the fee go toward?

The fee covers any provisions provided during the event (food, drinks, usually they involve my homemade cookies), and any leftover goes to the organizers for their time and efforts organizing the event.