Closet Styling

We are offering a full closet organizing + styling service to help you love & wear the clothes you already own!

Do you look in your over-stuffed closet everyday and say 'I have nothing to wear?' Or do you have that one piece you absolutely adore, but you never wear? Maybe you just need someone to fold your jeans and hang your shirts for you.

We are here to help!

What is this? How does it work?

Glad you asked! 

We start with a 15 minute consultation over the phone to better understand your needs, your frustrations with your closet, and help us figure out how we can best help you.

We will then schedule a 3 hour in home session where we will go through your closet and sort by three categories: 1. items you no longer need, 2. items you love but don’t know how to wear, and 3. your tried and true favorites that you wear over and over. 

We’ll help you style those pieces you love and can’t get rid of with those favorites, and we will take the clothes you no longer want. 
We will help you put all your clothes back in an organized way bringing new life to your closet and home.

We want you to love what you already own, because the most sustainable piece of clothing is already in your closet. ✨

Vintage Concierge: If there is a piece you feel you are missing in your wardrobe, we will search for that perfect item for you, at an additional cost. Of course it’s going to be pre-loved, so it may take some time to find, but good things come to those who wait. 🥰

Sound like something you need? Fill out the below form below and we will be in touch! 

The 3 hour in-home session is $300, with an additional $150/hr for any time spent over 3 hours.